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We’re glad you decided to read this section. In the online world there isn’t a lot of room to explain in full sentences what values we hold and what, as a result, has led us to become this company.

We designed and built the Aviron connected rowing machine for us - moms, dads, people with jobs and a lot going on. We have something in common: we value our time and often feel there is never enough of it. We also believe that fitness and our general health and wellbeing is important, although we struggle to make this a priority day to day. If this resonates with you, then we built Aviron for you too.

Aviron content is designed with a focus on high intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT workouts tend to be short, challenging and include the dual benefits of burning calories while building muscle. Furthermore, HIIT has been proven to improve cognitive ability and slow down the aging process.

In order to provide true HIIT workouts Aviron utilizes magnetic and air resistance that allows you to pull up to 100 lbs. with each stroke. That means that when you select certain strength building programs you’ll be guided through exercises that not only include the rowing motion but also have you plant your feet on either side of the machine and perform bicep curls.

Our unique content is paired with rowing because it is an ideal full body workout. Rowing utilizes 85% of muscles, is low impact and highly effective. If you’ve ever been on a stationary rowing machine you probably also noticed it was boring. That’s what made the rowing machine an ideal candidate to pair with fun, engaging content that continues to get you motivated day after day. Developed with a gaming-inspired and competitive spin, our content allows you to connect live with the community for workouts, games and races, or work out independently using Ai technology to push you further as your fitness progresses.

Ultimately we created a home fitness product that we’re not only proud of but continue to use months and years later. We hope that you enjoy it as well.

On behalf of Team Aviron, welcome to the community.

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